Crochet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Crochet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day – 40 Free Patterns

Everybody panic!! Valentine’s day is just a couple of weeks away. I’ve rounded up some crochet gift ideas for Valentine’s Day which would make awesome gifts to your partner, your galentine, or yourself.

Each pattern is:

  • FREE, because so close to Christmas, this can be an expensive time of year
  • EASY, so a motivated beginner could create the pieces – or an experienced crocheter could whip them up in no time
  • FAST, because it’s only a couple of weeks until V-Day!

Now, I haven’t separated out this list into “crocheted gift ideas for guys,” and “crocheted gifts for women,” because you know your beau better than I do. All the items in this list are great, and who’s to say that a women can’t enjoy a crocheted cactus? Instead I’ve separated it out into what the patterns are, starting with…

Crocheted Scarfs

What’s lovelier than saying to your honey, “I want you to be warm and snug”? Not much, especially if you enjoy the kind of climate where Feburary is cold, cold, cold! Check out these wearable crochet gift ideas:

Crocheted chain loop scarf by Ashley McCann

Chainloop Scarf Crochet Pattern

Worked with a whopping 9mm hook, you do have time to crochet this infinity scarf before Valentine’s day!

Braided scarf crochet pattern by Kristi VerHage

braided scarf - free crochet pattern

Here’s another twist on the crocheted braid – they’re everywhere at the moment! Instead of chains, this scarf uses strips of crochet.

Sushi Roll Scarf by Mermaiden

Sushi Roll Crochet Scarf Pattern

The key to this fun gift is all in the presentation!

Outlander Cowl by Jamey from Dabbles & Babbles

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the smash-hit TV show.

Outlander Cowl to crochet

Self-Fringing Crochet Scarf Pattern by Jeanne Steinhilber

Self Fringing scarf crochet pattern

This self-fringing scarf crochet pattern uses the super-popular Caron Cakes yarn. If you’ve got one in your stash, this is a great choice!

Tidal Wave Shawl Pattern by Moogly

Tidal Wave Shawl Pattern by Moogly

This classic shape is easy to wear, and I love the striping effect!

Crocheted Hat and Headband Patterns

Snuggle up in a crocheted hat or headband. Make one for your honey, then one for yourself and you can be #thatcouple on instagram. #toocute #matchymatchy

Star Wars Storm Trooper Beanie by Megan Denham

Storm Trooper Crochet Beanie

I bet you know a Star Wars fan! This simple beanie is embellished to look like a Storm Trooper helmet. Romantic? Maybe not, but for a super-fan, it would make an incredibly thoughtful gift!


Free Crocheted Beret Pattern by Olivia Rainsford

Free Crochet Beret Pattern

Can an item be both fashionable and homemade? YES!

30 Minute Crocheted Beanie by Diane Serviss

Basic crochet beanie pattern

This pattern uses slip stitches to work the brim – a clever design detail that will keep it snug.

Free Crocheted Headband Pattern by All About Ami

Free Crocheted headband pattern

This crocheted headband pattern will keep your ears warm! I love the knotted detail.

Woven-Look Crocheted Hat Pattern by Jessica Reeves Potasz

Easy Crochet Slouch Hat Pattern

This crochet slouch hat pattern is different from the usual crochet hats – the texture of the fabric is so unique, and the slouch pattern is very stylish!

Crocheted Snowbunny Hat Pattern by Whistle and Ivy

Free crocheted beanie hat pattern

I love the texture of the fabric, and the giant button! Plus, how cute is the pom pom?

Crochet Gift Ideas for Hands and Feet

Crocheted Boot Cuffs by Justine Vo

Crocheted Boot Cuff Pattern

Keep cozy – boot cuffs keep icy wind from whistling down into your boots! This pattern features a neat scalloped edging, which you could omit for a more masculine look.

Crocheted Slipper Socks Pattern by Jennifer Dickerson

Free crochet slipper socks pattern

Cold feet? Snuggle up in these simple crocheted slipper socks! I love the colour-blocking – it would be easy to personalise the colours to your recipient.

Cute Crocheted Slipper Pattern by tuuma&toimi

Crocheted slipper patterns

No more kicking away their cold feet with a pair of cozy slippers! This free crochet pattern has lots of variations if you’re not into the bows.

Easy Crochet Granny Square Slipper Pattern by Naztazia

Granny Square Slipper Pattern

I love this twist on the classic crocheted granny square pattern! This is too cute, and would be fast to whip up.


Elegant Fingerless Mittens by Petals to Picots

Wristwarmer crochet pattern

These longer fingerless mittens mix patterns for a polished look.

Cable Crochet Mittens Pattern by All About Ami

cabled crochet mittens patterns

Who says you can’t make cable in crochet? All About Ami has a free tutorial if you’ve never tried the technique before (it’s easier than it looks!).

Bow Necklace by Andrea Womack

Crochet Bow Necklace pattern

How sweet is this? I think this bow necklace would make a really cute gift.

Amigurumi and Toy Crocheted Gifts

This is an amigurumi blog, after all! Amigurumi tends to be left of lists of crochet gift ideas, which is a shame – these sweet little gifts will show your Valentine how much you care.

Crocheted Amigurumi Sloth Pattern by The Twisted Crocheter

amigurumi crochet sloth pattern

Sloths are famous for hugs, after all!

Baby Caterpillar Crochet Pattern by YOUnique Crafts

Crochet Catepiller Pattern

This would definitely be an unexpected gift! I think it might be lovely for a bookworm, especially paired with that new novel you know they’ve been eyeing.

Crocheted Cactuses by

Free Crocheted Cactus Pattern - crochet gift ideas

A cactus has been on my list of things to crochet for a while now! I love the modern, clean look of this pattern.

Button Flowers Crochet by CraftandFun

Crochet Button Flowers free crochet pattern

How cute are these button flowers? I think it’s so clever the way the button is integrated into the design. Whip up a few and present a bouquet of flowers to your valentine!

Tiny Crocheted Hearts by Jamie Sanders

Easy crochet pattern for tiny hearts

These crocheted hearts only need 15 stitches! You could whip up a whole pile in time for Valentine’s day. What would you do with them, you ask? Try fixing one to a card, sewing one to a hairclip, or making a garland.

Crocheted Poo by Knot Yo Grandma

Crocheted Poo Pattern

From the pattern notes:

What’s that? You’ve always wanted to crochet your very own smiling piece of crap? WELL NOW YOU CAN.

Enough said.

Crocheted Ice Cream Pattern by NyanPon’s Knits and Crochet

Crocheted Ice cream cone

Getting back to cute, here’s an adorable ice cream. Perfect for someone sweet.

Wee Rex Crocheted Dinosaur Pattern by Sarah Sloyer

Tiny T Rex amigurumi pattern

Look at this lil’ cutie! Perfect for the dino-fan in your life.

Crocheted Rose Pattern by PlanetJune

Free crocheted rose pattern

Have you seen the cost of roses this time of year?? Make your own instead!

Valentine’s Day Crochet Gifts for Tech Fans

Maybe it’s the circles I run in, but it seems to me that “Geeks” these days means just about everyone on the planet. Any tech-y person would love one of these gifts.

Earbud covers to stop tangling by Moogly

Ear bud covers to stop tangling - free crochet pattern

I have no idea if these work (tell me in the comments!) but oh my goodness, it’s certainly worth a try!

Pokeball DS Cover by i crochet things

DS pokeball cozy to crochet

Gotta Crochet ’em All!

Laptop Sleeve by Neesha

Laptop or phone sleeve crochet pattern

Keep those precious electronics snug in a sleeve! This pattern works for any size device.

Valentine’s Day Crochet Gifts for the Home

You spend an awful lot of time at home. It’s best to make it cozy.

Crocheted Conversation Heart Pillow by Sisterly Studios

Conversation Heart Crochet Pattern - crochet gift ideas

Conversation Hearts are a Valentine’s Day classic! I love this twist on them – playing with scale is one of my favourite amigurumi tricks.

Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters by Missy’s Crafty Mess

Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters

Bonus points if you match the colours to your cat.

Crocheted Cat Basket Pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet

crocheted cat basket pattern

Sticking with cats for the minute, if Fluffy is your Valentine this year, why not make them somewhere cozy to sleep?

Crocheted Market Bag Pattern by Poppy and Bliss

Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Because you gotta leave the house sometime, take along this cute market bag. Perfect for those impulse buys!

Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern by Catherine A. Ross

Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern

Another pattern for out-and-about! If you know a commuter who likes a cup of coffee in the morning, whip them up a quick coffee cup cozy.

Spa Wash Cloth by LionBrand

Crochet spa washcloth - crochet gift ideas

Match this with a lush bar of soap and a bottle of wine and instruct your lover to take a long bath – BLISS!

Breaking Bad Afghan by Hilary Renshaw

Breaking Bad Afghan Crochet Pattern

This is just one giant granny square – you would have to hurry to complete this in a fortnight, but with a little luck, you could do it!

Crocheted Heart Basket by Ling Ryan

Heart Baskets Crochet Pattern

Whip up this heart basket to present your gift in, or as the gift itself!

Donut Pillow by Colorful Christine

donut pillow crochet pattern

How sweet is this?? An oversized donut cushion would make a delicious addition to your home.

Crochet Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

So what are you making for Valentine’s day? Tell us in the comments!

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