KNIT FOR A PRINCESS - Princess Charlotte Cardigan Patterns

Knit for a Princess: Five Princess Charlotte Cardigan Knitting Patterns

This wee royal is only a few years old, but she sure can rock a sweater. There’s something about children in knitwear that’s so timeless and sweet. Since this Princess Charlotte sheep cardigan pattern post is one of the most popular on this whole blog, I thought I’d round up more Princess Charlotte cardigan patterns.

I have to warn you though: Princess C’s ‘look’ is all tights and ruffled dresses. The cardigans can be a little… well, plain. Perfect for showing off a frock, but perhaps less fun to knit.

With that disclaimer, let’s look at some patterns!

The very first is this sweet little number. Aww, sibling love.

Princess Charlotte in a soft white sweater

To make one similar, check out Princess Charlotte’s Sweater by Karin Fernandes.

Princess Charlotte cardigan knitting patter

Here’s a little princess at a little older, wearing a subtly lacey number.

Princess Charlotte in a white cardigan

To knit your own Princess Charlotte cardigan, try the very similar Anna’s Summer Cardigan by PetiteKnit. The eyelet detail and raglan lines are close to the orginal.

Princess Charlottes cardigan knitting pattern

Or try Princess Charlotte’s Cardigan pattern by Florence Merlin for an exact match.

Princess Charlotte's Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Here’s another classic Princess Charlotte Cardigan:

Princess Charlotte at a garden party in a dark blue cardigan

Are those the same hair clips and shoes as in the first photo? Or just very similar? Anyway, back to the sweater. Other photos of the same outfit reveal it’s pure garter stitch.

Princess Charlotte Garter Stitch Cardigan

To knit your own, try a Starlette – just omit the pockets.

Starlette childrens cardigan knitting pattern

Or, for an even easier knit, try Beginner’s Jacket by PetiteKnit. 

Knitting pattern for cardigan similar to princess charlottes

The all-garter look is clearly one favoured by mum. Here’s Charlotte earlier on, in a pink garter jacket. Don’t be fooled by that coller – it’s part of the dress.

Princess Charlotte in a pink knitted jacket

For something similar, try Sleep Tight by Drops.

Free knitting pattern for a princess charlotte cardigan

You’ll have to leave off the bottom two buttons and shorten the sleeves, but bonus, this Princess Charlotte cardigan pattern is completely free!

Or maybe the Lottie Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge?

Princess Charlotte Cardigan pattern

You could omit the ribbing and shorten it a bit if you wanted a more exact match.

Here’s the cutie in a red, cropped cardigan.

princess charlotte in a red cropped cardigan

This was the hardest pattern to find a dupe for – not many people seem to be making borelo’s for babies! However, I found several options for royal-watchers wanting to knit their own.

The Perfect Princess Shrug by Julie Hines has a similar look, with that single button high at the neck. The bottom hem is rounded though, unlike the original.

Perfect Princess Charlotte Shrug

Rose Water by Taiga Hilliard Designs is perhaps a closer match – although the sleeves need to be longer.

Rose water cardigan similar to Princess Charlottes

Or maybe try this Basic Baby Cardigan by Susan B. Anderson with all but the top button omitted.

Basic baby cardigan

So that’s it for now – five Princess Charlotte cardigan looks, and ten royal cardigan patterns.

Be sure to click through the patterns to see the original designs, and cast on your Princess Charlotte cardigan for your own little princess!

What do you think?

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