Might be Marcame Crochet plant hanger pattern

Might Be Macrame Crochet Plant Hanger – My First Published Pattern!

I’m so excited to share my first published pattern: Might Be Macrame Crochet Plant Hangers in Crochet Now Magazine Issue 28.

The team at Crochet Now were so lovely to work with, and I feel honoured to be included in such a fantastic mag. After all, Crochet Now is the UK’s number magazine for crochet patterns!

Issue 28 of Crochet Now Magazine

It’s packed with patterns and inspiration. Here are some of my favourite projects which I can’t wait to try…

The Jupiter Footstool by Claire Gelder

This project is worked with a 60mm crochet hook – you read that right! It’s about the biggest hook it’s possible to buy. I love the use of super-chunky yarn here, it looks so delicious and the pop of colour is so much fun.

Happy Coasters by Annemarie Huijser

Hands up if you have a lot of scraps of yarn and no coasters? I didn’t even manage to find one for this pic – instead my drink is just sitting there. I foresee a lot of these happy coasters in my future!

The Fairy Dress Up Set by Bowie and George

I cannot get over how cute this is! Sizing is given for babies, newborns and toddlers, but I think it would work well for a slightly older child as well.

The Hahana Jumper by Lisa Richardson

I love a crocheted garment, don’t you? It really demonstrates the craft’s versatility!

This jumper is worked in 4ply yarn, so it wouldn’t be too chunky. I could totally see myself wearing one to work…

The Bloomin’ Marvellous wall hanging by Ashely Kelly

I love the combination, of crochet, embroidery hoop and pom poms! The colours are just so cheerful and perfect for Spring.

On the Shore baby blanket by Felicity Thomas

I love this shell pattern, and the bright colours! I bet it would come together quite quickly as well – always a bonus.

As well as the main mag, also included with Crochet Now Issue 28 is a free set of pom pom makers and a bonus pom pom mag.

Ahh how cute is that wee penguin face?

There are four sweet patterns for poms, but my favourite is definitely the pom pom curtain! I might try it as a wall hanging in our bedroom.

And then… there’s my pattern!

Might be Macrame Crochet Plant Hangers

Might be Macrame crochet plant hangers pattern

Don’t those plants look good in their hangers? I can’t take any credit for the photography by the way – I worked the samples then sent them away to be styled and photographed.

Might be Macrame crochet plant hangers pattern

I’m not going to lie – my pattern was the first one I flicked to. I mostly wanted to check I looked cute in my picture – is that shallow or what?

The pattern is a bit different – you start by cutting and measuring yarn.

I insta’d a snap of this process a while ago. I found it was easiest to measure my room, then walk back and forth unspooling the yarn.

Then the yarns are chained together. First all of them with a big hook, then four strands of yarn at a time with a medium size hook, then two at a time with a smaller hook, then four at a time with the medium hook again… There’s only a wee bit of actual crochet. All that ‘insert hook, yarn over…’ business? You don’t need to do much of that here.

The chained look is macrame-esque (hence the name). After all, macrame plant hangers are fashionable. Again. But why learn a whole new craft when we can crochet up a look-alike?

It was such a buzz to have a pattern published in a ‘real magazine’. I’m as pleased as punch!

If you want to try the Might Be Macrame crochet plant hangers, or any of these fabulous patterns, pick up Crochet Now Issue 28.

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