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Knitting Tubes, But Not Tube Knitting

What’s the difference between knitting tubes and tube knitting?

Tube knitting is knitting you can do on public transport (like the Tube, here in London). Socks are excellent tube knitting.

Knitting tubes is when you join the body and sleeves of a bottom-up sweater. It’s too much like knitting an octopus to take onto a crowded bus or Tube!

As I’ve mentioned on Instagram, I’m participating in the #BangOutASweater knit along hosted by Mason Dixon Knitting. It’s a variation of the lopi, or lopapeysa to be more precise.

The lopi is constructed in simple tubes. First, you knit one tube for the body, then two tubes for the arms. The tubes are then strung together. This post explains the “Three Tube Situation” very well – so well I don’t think I have much to add!

Bang out a sweater - a lopapeysa in progress

This is a technique that’s I’m familiar with as my Christmas sweater was constructed the same way. I’m also a little wary of it, as I had to rip out and reknit the neck of my Christmas sweater three times before it fit right! (Maybe I haven’t blogged about my sweater yet! I’ll have to fix that.)

The finished projects, or #BangFinishers we’ve been seeing on instagram are so lovely though – I have no doubt that my sweater will fit perfectly when it’s done.

And I love the yarn.

Lettilopi lopapeysa yarn from Iceland.

The only problem is… wrestling with three tubes is a LOT like knitting an octopus. I’ve switched to a shorter cable, which has helped a lot, but it’s definitely not knitting for the Tube!

A connected lopapeysa bottom up sweater.

I’m nearly up to the colourwork, which makes this even more a couch-and-TV kind of project. But it also means the end is already in sight!

Updated to add: I’m finished! And in a record 12 days. Check out the finished project pictures.

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