Knit Princess Charlottes sheep cardigan

Knit Princess Charlotte’s Sheep Cardigan (Here’s the Pattern!)

I’m not a royal watcher, but I get the appeal. Those royals! They’re like a real life BBC drama (I will watch a good BBC drama about the royals. I get it. I do).

Knit Princess Charlottes sheep cardiganSo when I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed, I knew I had to share it.

Little Princess Charlotte, one day before she turns two, wearing a little knitted cardigan. With sheep.

If I were a royal watcher, I’d want to knit Princess Charlotte’s sheep cardigan. Luckily, that Facebook post also pointed to a pattern.

The Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan is a FREE pattern so you can get the royal look on a commoner’s budget.

The pattern isn’t an exact match, but if you want to knit Princess Charlotte’s sheep cardigan, it’s pretty dang close.

Copy princess charlotte's sheep cardigan knitting pattern

Swap out the colours and watch people double-take when they see your “wait-is-that-the-royal??” baby.

At least one knitter has already done just that, with a lovely buttery yellow Sheep Yoke Cardigan (and way before Princess C tried the same thing!). I won’t share the photo here, as it’s a private Ravelry project, not a public-facing Ravelry pattern, but you can log into Rav and see it here.

Side by side, I think it’s clear how similar they are:

Knit Princess Charlotte's sheep cardigan with this free copy-cat knitting pattern.I’m taking note of this pattern, because whether you watch them or not, royals set fashions. I predict we’ll see a lot more animal yoked cardigans on the younger set in the next year or so.

I’d like to pretend I’m ahead of the curve, having knit this adorable sweater for my niece with another free knitting pattern

All in a Nutshell would be a great choice if you wanted to get the royal “look” without being too much of a copy-cat!

So royal watchers and/or baby lovers. What’s on your to-knit list?

And if you’re looking for more royal patterns, I’ve rounded up five more of Princess Charlotte’s Sweaters right here. 

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    Charlotte’s outfits and for this portrait, she was wearing a John Lewis’ Baby Luxury Sheep Cardigan – which has already sold out.

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