15 fox amigurumi patterns

The 35 Cutest Amigurumi Foxes – Free Pattern Roundup

How cute are amigurumi foxes?? I just love those little guys.

When we lived in London, we did see urban foxes around. The first time I ever saw one was in the fenced dog park section of the local park. I said to my husband: “Look at that weird dog!” But it wasn’t a dog at all. I always thought it was so lucky to have wildlife so close, even in the city.

And as crocheters and knitters, we’re even luckier, to have the skills we need to capture some of that cuteness and bring it into our homes!

I’ve selected 25 crochet fox patterns, plus 10 fox knitting patterns (scroll down for knitting patterns) for you to choose from. I’ve made sure to include lots of free patterns as well, so all you need to create some of this cuteness today is a little bit of orange yarn from your stash!

Plus there, one BONUS pattern you just have to see – make sure you scroll all the way to the end!!

Of course, all pictures remain the property of their authors: be sure to click through and visit the patterns!

25 Amigurumi Foxes to Crochet

1. Free Fox Amigurumi in worsted weight yarn by Nimoe Galad

Free crocheted fox pattern

Look at this little cutie! I love his snout, and the tummy details. This pattern has been created lots of times, so you know it’s been well tested and yours will turn out great.

2. Fox Softie with Scarf by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein

Free fox amigurumi pattern

Look who’s all dressed up!! What colours would you crochet the scarf in? A lot of fox patterns suggest using them as Christmas tree ornaments, or winter decorations, which I think is such a cute idea.

3. Tiny Fox Amigurumi by Annelien Vanessche

Fox amigurumi

It’s a scientific fact that everything small is cute! This little guy is only 3cm tall – awww. You’ll need sport weight yarn and a 2mm hook to crochet him. Good lighting will help too!

4. Mother fox and baby fox amigurumi by Allison Hoffman

amigurumi foxes - mother and baby fox toy

Isn’t this sweet? I love the happy expressions on both mother and baby’s faces, and the clever muzzle detailing.

5. Aviator Fox Amigurumi by Peng Lim

fox aviator toy

I love this so much. What is a fox doing flying a plane?? How does he work the controls if he only has paws, and the paws are crocheted?? Is the plane crocheted too?? I seriously love how whimsical this pattern is!

6. Sitting Fox Amigurumi by i crochet things

Sitting fox crochet softie

This sweetie has such a mournful expression – don’t you want to hug her until she cheers up? I love the attention to detail that has gone into creating her sticking-out snout too.

7. Cute little amigurumi fox by Anna S

Cute little amigurumi foxes

Look at this cutie! He can balance right in the palm of your hand. I love how this design is quite abstract, but still says “fox”!

8. Sly Little Fox Amigurumi by Sharon Ojala

This pattern looks like it would be quick to whip up. Be sure to click through to the pattern too – these sly little foxes have other woodland friends in the collection!

9. Dressed Up Amigurumi Foxes by Little Bear Crochets

Crochet amigurumi foxes with scarves

Another set of amigurumi foxes wearing scarves! It’s the must-have accessory of the fashionable fox. I love how these two have stubby little back legs – it looks as though they are balancing on their tails.

10. Squinty Fox Amigurumi Pattern by Trish Young

Squinty fox amigurumi pattern

This fox amigurumi pattern is named for its expression, but the tail really stands out for me. The designer has been really clever and used loop stitches to give it a lot of volume.

11. Adorable Fox Amigurumi by Sharon Ojala

Adorable fox amigurumi pattern

I love this crochet fox’s round tummy! There’s something so cartoonish and sweet about this fox, and I also adore the classic teddy-bear mouth.

12. Sweet Little Crochet Fox by Sweet N’ Cute Creations

Sweet little amigurumi fox pattern

Awww – another one which you just want to pick up and snuggle! Look at those arms reaching out for a hug.

13. Lisa the Fox Pattern by Sanda J. Dobrosavljev

Amigurumi fox pattern

Why ‘Lisa’? Why not! Look at the snout on this cute little fox. I’ve looked at a lot of fox crochet patterns this afternoon, and I’ve never seen another nose quite like it.

14. Cute Little Amigurumi Fox Pattern by Keke Grace

Cute little Amigurumi fox pattern

I love the perplexed, open expression on this fox’s face. Plus, those pointy ears are just perfect!

15. Fox Cutie Amigurumi by FruMadsens

Fox cutie amigurumi

Here’s a horse fox of a different colour! This cutie is probably the most abstract creature in our roundup, and maybe one of the cutest too!

16. Kawaii Fox Amigurumi by Olka Novytska

Kawaii fox amigurumi pattern

If you click through, you’ll notice that this creature has quite a back story! I love all the details on this piece, like the way the paw pads disappear back into the legs, as if the fox is wearing a sweater with too-long sleeves. The picot edging on the tummy is divine as well.

17. Teeny-Tiny Fox Amigurumi Pattern by Megan Kreiner

tiny fox amigurumi pattern

Doesn’t this fellow look like a loveable ruffian? Just look at that cheeky, open expression! This crochet fox is very small – designed as a Christmas ornament – but you could always size him up if you wanted to.

18. Amigurumi Fox Stuffie Pattern by Rosanne Briggeman

Fox stuffie crochet pattern

This simple crochet fox pattern looks like it would be fast to whip up! I love the long nose on this cutie.

19. Crochet Fox Doll with Removable Tails by Tatyana Korobkova

Crochet fox doll with removable tails

Here’s something a little more abstract – a girl dressed as a fox! I think this is a really clever pattern, and I love the removable tails.

20. Sleepy Fox in the Snow by Fox in the Snow Designs

Sleepy fox in the snow crochet pattern

Look at this cutie! I love how the eyes and nose are worked, and that tail is just so adorable.

21. Fox Ragdoll to Crochet by A la Sascha

Fox ragdoll toy to crochet

Here’s something a little different – this fox is a ragdoll! I think this would make a really sweet ‘lovie’ for the little person in your life.

22. Mr & Mrs Fox Crochet Pattern by Liz H.

Mr and Mrs Fox Crochet Pattern

What’s cuter than one fox? Two amigurumi foxes, of course! This pattern really shows how little details (like the colour of the yarn and the bows and eyebrows) make a huge difference to the finished amigurumi.

23. Sweet Little Fox Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Anabel Catalan

Sweet little fox amigurumi crochet pattern

This wee cutie is dressed up in a waistcoat! I love the wide-legged stance and quizzical expression.

24. Wide-Eyed Amigurumi Fox Crochet Pattern by Natali KNV

Amigurumi fox crochet pattern with huge eyes

Another abstract pattern. This version really highlights the amigurumi foxes eyes.

25. Free Crochet Fox Amigurumi Pattern by Roxanne Mimeault Art

Free crochet fox amigurumi pattern

Finally, here’s another sleep fox amigurumi. Better yet, this is a free pattern!

That’s all the crochet amigurumi foxes I have for you today! Don’t forget to keep on scrolling for the bonus pattern at the end. But before we get onto the knitting patterns, I think we need a little musical interlude…

10 Knitting Patterns for Amigurumi Foxes

1. Knitted Fox Cuddly Toy by Sarah Gasson

Knitted fox cuddly toyThis is a really classic knitted teddy look, but with a ‘foxy” update! It’s knitted flat on straight needles then seamed, so it would be a great choice for a less-confident knitter.

2. Dressed Up Fox Softie by Heather Rupe Jones

knitted amigurumi fox

This little fellow is all ready for a big night out in his spiffy jumper! I love dressed up animals – what a cutie! This pattern uses novelty yarn to good effect. Furry novelty yarn can be really hard to knit with, but it looks like it’s worth the effort in this case.

3. Knitted Fox in People Clothes by Irene Kiss

Knitted amigurumi foxes

Here’s another dressed-up fox! This more complicated pattern features overalls you can button and unbutton, and even take right off! If you strip him down, he’s even wearing a lovely knitted pair of knickers.

4. Tiny Knitted Fox by Anna Hrachovec

Tiny knitted fox by MochiMochi Land

Another tiny fox! This little guy is part of the super popular Mochimochi Land series, so you know the pattern will have been well tested. In my experience, Mochimochi patterns are super cute and quite easy: basically just icord with attached details.

5. Fox with a Squirrel friend by Tina Egleton

Fox amigurumi with squirel friend

Awww! This sweet pairing is unlikely to be seen in nature, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t knit it! Can you imagine the stories you could tell with a stuffed fox and squirrel? They remind me of something out of a children’s book.

6. Felted Fox Amigurumi by Lisa Eberhart

Felted fox pattern

This little sweetie is hand felted! Hand felting is really very easy, with a pure wool yarn and a little bit of time. I love how felting completely changes the characteristic of the fabric.

7. Realistic Fox Amigurumi by Linda Dawkins

Knitted red fox pattern

This fox is much more realistic than some of the other amigurumi foxes on this page. If you want to create the most realistic fox amigurumi, then this is your pattern!

8. Sleepy Fox Amigurumi by Amanda Maciel

Sleepy fox amigurumi

This knitted fox seems to use a lot of shaping techniques in the tail, but isn’t the effect just lovely? Definitely worth the effort! This cutie has had a big day – it’s time for bed, little one!

9. Knitted Fox Amigurumi Pattern by Megan Kreiner

Knitted fox amigurumi pattern

Look at this cutie’s expression! I love his pleading look, and the way he’s so small he fits right in the palm of a hand.

10. Knitted Fox Stuffed Animal Toy

Woolly knitted red fox stuffed toy

Finally, here’s another teddy-style fox. I love how this version is slightly under-stuffed. He looks so huggable!

Just for fun… Fox Hat for Cats by Sara Thomas

Cat in a fox hat

Pattern number 36 is this adorable cat hat! Poor kitty doesn’t look too happy about it!

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    I went to download a few fox patterns for our grandson and they weren’t for free. I’m so sorry. Please weed out the non-free ones.

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