Crocheted grey elephant toy

Crochet (or Knit!) an Elephant Toy

Ellie the Elephant is packing her trunk, she’s running away from the circus!

How many of you remember that children’s song? From Babar to Ellie to Dumbo, elephants loom large in popular imagination – almost as large as they loom in real life! Check out these knitting and crochet patterns and create your own elephant friend:

Realistic Elephant Crochet and Knitting Patterns

So you want your amigurumi to look “really real”? I here you. Check out these patterns and create realistic elephants!

Knitted elephant (and woolly mammoth!) pattern

Knitted elephant pattern.

Knitted woolly mammoth elephant toy.

These knitted elephants have exaggerated proportions to help them balance, but are fairly realistic – and I love how the artist has included a woolly mammoth variation! This is a paid pattern, but as well as the woolly mammoth, the patten includes three size variations.

Crocheted Elephant Softie

Look at this lovely trunk! I love it’s gentle ‘s’ curve – just what you think of when you think of an elephant. The designer has not resorted to using wire or pipecleaners or so on to shape the trunk – it’s all done through clever use of crochet.

Crocheted elephant toy

Abstract Elephant Crochet and Knitting Patterns

‘Realistic’ patterns contain a lot of ‘extra’ steps, when really you can scetch an elephant in a few simple shapes! Here are some more abstract elephant knitting and crochet patterns:

Adorable crocheted elephant pattern 

Adorable fat elephant pattern

Look at these little guys! I love their sweet little tusks, and the way their ears are lined with pretty floral fabric. Although this is a very abstract pattern, it successfully demonstrates the sheer bulk of an elephant.

Crocheted Elephants with Enormous Feet

Did you know that they used to make waste-paper baskets out of elephants’ feet? Disgusting, right? Who could chop off such adorable footsies, like the ones on these crocheted elephants?

Little crocheted elephants with big feet

Knitted elephant cat toy

What do you notice first about an elephant? Her enormous nose, of course! This knitting pattern takes advantage of that fact, with a tremendously long – for its size! – trunk.

Knitted elephant cat toy

Amigurumi Elephant Pattern

Look at this charming crocheted elephant, with her curving trunk! It’s a face everyone will love.

Amigurumi elephant pattern

Knitted elephant amigurumi

Sweet little Judy the Elephant has lovely big ears! I love the detail of the flower she’s munching on too.

Cute knitted elephant toy

Sweet Pink Elephant

Is it just me, or does this elephant have a shy, almost bashful look? There’s something about the tilt of her head which suggests she wants a hug!

Cute crocheted elephant


Elephants wearing clothes

Elephants wearing clothes get their own category because there are so many patterns for them! I blame Babar – he was always a bad influence.

Girl Elephant in a Dress

Girl knitted elephant in a dress

This cutie is wearing an adorable a-line dress – and knitted-in knickers to preserve her modesty!

Crocheted Elephant and Peanut

Crocheted elephant and peanut toys

This gentleman has been eating so many peanuts, he’s almost turned into one! I like his stripy bathing suit.

Elephant wearing a top hat

This elephant looks as though he’s about to step into the ringmaster’s shoes!

Crocheted grey elephant toy

Elephant performing with ball 

Crocheted elephant girl toy

Another circus theme! This little crocheted girl elephant is balancing a ball on the tip of her trunk.

Sailor Elephants – Free Crochet Pattern

I love this free crochet pattern and the adorable sailor elephants! I think I would set the hats at a jaunty angle – wouldn’t you?

Crocheted elephant toys


Elephants that aren’t elephants

Huh? When is an elephant not an elephant? These knitting and crochet patterns push the boundaries of what can be called an elephant for some truly surprising results!

Crocheted elephant rattle toy

Cover a cheap plastic rattle in cotton yarn to create a cute rattle! Make sure it’s washable, especially if you’re giving this as a gift.

Elephant rattle toy

Knitted elephant teacozy

Tea cozies may seem silly or old fashioned, but they really work, keeping your tea piping hot! I love this knitted elephant tea cozy, which turns the spout of a tea pot into an elephant’s trunk!

Knitted elephant teacozy pattern

Elephant pillow

This sweetly abstract elephant pillow is reversible! Make two different sides to match your décor, or your mood (I bet you never thought you’d read ‘match your elephant pillow to your mood’ in your entire life! Isn’t the internet delightful?).

Crocheted elephant pillow pattern

Elephant blankie

At the risk of telling you you ought to crochet an entire elephant bedroom suite*, I present this elephant blanket.

Elephant cuddle blanket

Designed for little ones, this crocheted blanket will warm and comfort.



*Actually, that sounds great! Do it.


All images remain property of the artists. Follow links for picture credits.

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