50 crochet + knitting Christmas ornament patterns

50 of the Best Crochet and Knitted Christmas Ornaments

I’ve rounded up 50 my favourite crochet + knitted Christmas ornaments to make your holiday a little more decorated!

I just love Christmas, don’t you? The lights, the food, the presents! And there’s something so special about the decorations as well – especially handmade ones.

50 of the Best Crochet + Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Most of the patterns on this list are free because (here’s an original observation) Christmas is a really expensive time of year for a lot of us. But not only are many of the  crochet + knitted Christmas ornaments patterns free, they all only take scraps of yarn. There’s a good chance you already have enough in the bottom of your stash drawer to make half-a-dozen things on this list… all for free!

All the images on this list belong to the pattern designer. Please click on them and give them some love!

25 Amazing Knitted Christmas Decorations

Knitted Christmas Stocking Ornament by Created By Carlin – Free Pattern

Knitted Christmas Stocking Ornament

How sweet are these wee knitted Christmas stockings? I can picture a them hung on the tree – or if you’re feeling adventurous, knit up a bunch and use them as an advent calendar!

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments with Fairisle by Julie Williams – Free Knitting Pattern

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments by Julie Williams - Free Knitting Pattern

Or, add a little fairilse colourwork to your knitted Christmas stockings to give them  that Nordic vibe!

Tiny Knitted Sweaters Christmas Decorations by Malia Mae – Free Knitting Pattern

tiny knitting sweaters christmas decorations

Is anyone else picturing a whole row of Weasley sweaters?? I think this is just the cutest, and a great way to knit up ends of yarn which might otherwise be tossed in the trash. (And those coat hangers? You could totally twist them out of paper clips!)

Jolly Wee Christmas Elf by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas – Paid Pattern

Jolly Wee Christmas Elf Knitting Pattern

Make a row of these little knitted Christmas elves for your windowsill or mantelpiece. This is worth clicking through just to see the pattern styling – they’ve done a great job of posing the wee elves in a variety of Christmasy situations!

Knitted Santa Hat by Brooke Higgins – Free Pattern

Knitted Santa Hat pattern

Ho ho ho! Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Santa! I love how this little hat uses garter stitch to mimic the look of fur trim around the brim of the hat – so clever and neat.

Knitted Santa and His Elves by Wendy Phillips – Paid Pattern

Knitted Santa and his elves

Why just have a Santa hat when you can have a whole santa AND his elves?? This pattern is so sweet, but looks like it would take a bit longer to make than some of the others on this list.

Knitted Gingerbread Boy by Sara Elizabeth Kellner – Free Pattern

Knitted Gingerbread Boy

Gingerbread is just so Christmasy, isn’t it? Bake Knit and decorate these delicious-looking gingerbread boys to leave out for Santa (or for yourself!).

This free pattern has a lot of projects on Ravelry – click through and take a look!

Knitted Dove Christmas Decoration by Sara Elizabeth Kellner – Paid Pattern

knitted dove christmas decoration

We always hung a couple of doves on our tree when I was growing up – to represent peace and because the white looks so lovely against the green. This little bird looks pretty easy to make, and I just to love the way its wings are folded back in flight.

Knitted Christmas Tree Wreath by Magdalena Roslaniec – Free Knitting Pattern

knitted christmas tree wreath

The pattern is in Polish, but don’t panic: this just three lengths of knitted icord, braided into this sweet Christmas Tree Wreath. So cute!

Knitted Holly and Berries by Mary Triplett – Free Pattern

Holly and Berries knitted

This really designed as a pin, but don’t let that stop you. These lacy leaves and the clever little bead-berries would look lovely on a tree, or maybe on your Christmas table?

Knitted Christmas Poinsettia by Morgunova Olga – Paid Pattern

Knitted Christmas Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is another lovely Christmasy plant! This knitted version is one you can’t kill from overwatering.

Special Little Snowflakes Ornament by Anna Hrachovec – Free Pattern with Purchase

Special Little Snowflakes from Mochimochiland

An anthropomorphic snowflake? Why not! These little cuties would look great on your tree. Like the style? Click through and take a look at the patterns. There’s Santas and Christmas trees as well!

Knitted Christmas Pudding Ornament by Sarah Gasson – Free Pattern

knitted christmas pudding ornament

It’s Stir-Up Sunday as I write this, and while I can’t see myself making a plum pudding for Christmas, this adorable knitted Christmas pudding might be just the thing to use instead…

Knitted Butterfly Decoration by Sara Elizabeth Kellner – Paid Pattern 

Knitted butterfly decoration

I grew up in New Zealand, so Christmas means summer, and yes, butterflies! How about knitting a few butterflies to add a tropical twist to your Christmas decor?

Knitted Reindeer by Cutie Patootees – Paid Pattern

Back to the traditional Christmas decorations – how about this pair of knitted reindeer? They’d make lovely gifts for a Christmas baby too!

Cherry on Top Knitted Cupcakes by Joanna Rankin – Paid Pattern

Cherry on top knitted cupcakes

Christmas means delicious food! These sweet little cupcakes have a tall swirl of icing and even a cherry on top. Why not make them in Christmas colours and leave one out for santa?

Knitted Lace Christmas Baubles (and more!) by Abigail Originals – Paid Pattern

knitted lace Christmas baubles

If you’re a traditionalist (heck – even if you’re not!) then you’ll love the look of delicate, classic lace on these knitted Christmas baubles. Imagine a tree full of them, all in white…

As well as these Christmas baubles, there are bonus patterns included with the price of the pattern – click through and take a look.

Fair Isle Christmas Bauble by Mary Ann Stephens – Free Pattern

Christmas bauble knitting pattern

Prefer Colourwork to Lace? Here’s a Christmas ball knitted in colourwork. Use a simple white and gold colour scheme, or mix things up – red and white would look great too!

Knitted Yarn Basket and Balls of Wool Ornament by Scarlet Taylor – Free Pattern

knitting basket Christmas ornament

Is your stitch and bitch group trading ornaments? Mine is! How perfect is this yarn basket and balls of wool ornament?

Knitted Paper Chains by Kelly Kingston – Free Pattern

knitted paper chain christmas decoration - free pattern

I used to make paper chains with my grandmother, and I am getting a major hit of nostalgia from this project! This is another really simple project which might be good to do as a group…

Knitted Christmas Lights by Amalia Samios – Paid Pattern

Knitted Christmas Lights

Here’s another garland project – knitted Christmas lights! These look really sweet… and like they work up quickly too, which is a bonus! This is a paid pattern, but the artist sells them in bundles – click through and check out her work on Ravelry and Etsy.

Smitten Mittens Advent Calendar Garland by Emily Ivey – Free Pattern

Smitten Mittens advent calendar

Every year around this time I think I’m going to make a sweet mitten advent calendar like this one… and I still haven’t done it! What if you flipped the idea on its head and knit a mitt every day of December? Or (here’s a better idea) just knit one or two for your tree?

Little Knitted Hearts by Susan B. Anderson – Free Pattern

Little Knitted Hearts

Here’s a final knitted garland – although there’s nothing to stop you hanging them on your tree individually too! This pattern lists the yarn weight – 10 grams of worsted. A single neglected ball in your stash could become an adorable garland! So tempting.

Knitted Christmas Presents by Dawn Finney – Paid Pattern

Knitted Christmas Presents

How cute are these knitted Christmas presents?? These very little, but now I’m thinking of upsizing them with chunky yarn and using them as couch cushions!

Knitted Christmas Trees by Squibbly Bups – Paid Pattern

Knitted Christmas Trees

How clever are these knitted Christmas trees? I think the use of cables to reference branches, and colourwork to indicate snow is inspired!

Phew! That’s all the Knitted Christmas ornaments I have on my list. I promised crochet + knitted Christmas ornaments, so refresh your cup of tea and let’s look at some crochet offerings…

25 Crochet Christmas Ornaments

Owl Christmas Ornament by Rebecca Homick – Free Crochet Pattern

Owl Christmas Ornament to crochet

Hooooo could resist a whole flock of these little guys? Worked amigurumi style, this stripey owl Christmas ornament is perfect in vintage-inspired colours.

Looking for more owl patterns? You need to read this post >>> Want to crochet an owl? Free pattern roundup

Crocheted Scandi Christmas Gnome by Nerissa Muijs – Paid Pattern

Crocheted scandi Christmas Gnome

I can’t even describe how adorable these Christmas gnomes are! And they look really simple to work up too – bonus!

Santas Helpers by Carolina Guzman – Paid Pattern

Crochet santas helpers patterns

Is this a crochet “elf on the shelf” pattern? No matter – these Christmas elves will look sweet anywhere near your home!

Christmas Teddy Crochet Pattern by Gail Ho – Free

Christmas Teddy Crochet Pattern

How sweet is this little bear? It looks like it needs a hug. I especially love the wide-spaced eyes, and the adorably off-centre santa hat!

Santa, Snowman and Reindeer Ornaments by Amour Fou – Free Patterns 

Crocheted santa and snowman pattern

Staying with the cute amigurumi look, here are three minimalist patterns for a reindeer, snowman, and of couse, santa!

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament by planetmfiles – Free Crochet Pattern

crocheted pine cone christmas decoration - free pattern

Something about this cracks me up. A crocheted pinecone! On a tree! I love how soft-looking this is, and how realistic too.

Cherry Crochet Pattern by Julia Kelly – Free Pattern

Crochet Cherry Pattern

Here’s another realistic decoration – cherries! We always have cherries at Christmas, and the pop of red against a green tree is so lovely too.

Crocheted Candy Cane by Planet June – Free Pattern

Candy Cane Crochet Pattern

Real candy canes get all melted and gross. You won’t have that issue with these cute crochet candy canes!

Crocheted Christmas Tree Decoration by Poppy & Bliss – Free Pattern

Crochet christmas tree

These crochet Christmas tree decorations are quick, and perfect for scraps of yarn. I love the colour palette as well

Amigurumi Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern by Marta Ruso – Free

Amigurumi crochet christmas tree pattern

No room for a big tree? Crochet a tiny one! I love how this little crochet Christmas tree is waving hello!

Crochet Christmas Tree by Mari-Liis Lille – Free Pattern

Crocheted Christmas Tree

Okay, that tree above is pretty cutesy-cutesy. If prefer a Christmas tree crochet pattern with only the regular amount of whimsey, this is for you. I love the sequins as decorations as well – so practical and  effective!

If these trees look a little tricky, you could wrap a cone of craft paper in mossy-green yarn. I did that one year, and it looked great!

Jolly Holly Leaves by Attic 24 – Free Crochet Pattern 

Jolly holly leaf attic 24 crochet pattern

If you don’t want to crochet a Christmas tree, how about a scrap of greenery? These holly leaves would make jolly present toppers too!

Amigurmi Crochet Christmas Pudding by Marcus Vernon – Free Pattern

Amigurumi crochet christmas puddingWho doesn’t love a little figgy pudding at Christmas time? I love how this sweet crochet pattern uses spike stitch to suggest icing running down the sides.

Christmas Pudding Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Picot Pals – Free Pattern

Christmas Pudding Bear Ornament

Should you crochet a bear, or a plum pudding? Why not both! This wee amigurumi Christmas pattern is really delightful!

Christmas Candle Amigurumi Pattern by Lydia Tresselt – Paid 

Christmas Candle Amigurumi pattern

There’s something about anthropomorphic little objects that never fails to crack me up. These Christmas Candle Amigurumi are a fine example of the genre. Look at their little blushing faces! And tiny arms! So sweet.

This is a paid pattern, which is bundled with two more – click through and take a look.

Crocheted Vintage Christmas Ornament by Atty van Norel – Free Pattern

crocheted vintage christmas ornaments

I love the vintage look of these ornaments, and the pastel colour palette is just perfect as well. Better still, if you drop one of these crocheted vintage Christmas ornaments, there’s no chance they’ll smash on the ground!

Christmas Bauble Ornament to Crochet by Kate Bruning – Free Pattern

Christmas bauble ornament to crochet

Add a pop of colour to your tree with these crocheted Christmas balls! And because they’re non-breakable, would work especially well for homes with cats or kids.

Granny Square Christmas Ball by Julie Grimmett – Free Pattern

granny square crochet christmas ornaments

It’s no secret I love a good granny square! Here’s a circular take on the traditional pattern – click through to see how it’s done.

Crocheted then Embroidered Christmas baubles by Maria Sommer – Free Pattern

Crocheted christmas decorations

Not convinced by the granny square? These crocheted Christmas balls are worked densely, then embroidered. I love the stripey one at the bottom right of the pic – so pretty!

Elaborate Christmas Bauble by Kakotille Maillalenvers – Free Crochet Pattern

complex crocheted christmas baubles

Crocheted Star Christmas Ornament by Mad Mad me – Free Pattern

crocheted star christmas ornament

I love how the designer of these crocheted Christmas stars has added pop of colour in the center of each one. It looks to me as though these stars are made with a single ball of gradient yarn – that’s a clever way to get a cohesive colour palette without even trying and to make sure all the stars look lovely together.

Crochet Snowflakes in wire by amigurume – Free Patterns

Free crochet snowflake patterns to make out of wire - very easy patterns!

Who says crocheted Christmas decorations should be made of yarn? I haven’t included any other crocheted snowflakes, because they really deserve their own post, but I can’t resist showing off my own pattern for crocheted wire snowflakes – take a look!

Crochet Gingerbread Man Christmas Decoration by Elinor Ervine – Free Pattern

Crochet Gingerbread man pattern

Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the… crochet gingerbread man!

These little cuties look easy to make, and I love how the designer has made their buttons in Christmas colours!

Snowman Crochet Pattern by Gstore – Free Pattern

Snowman crochet christmas pattern

Do you wanna build a snowman? This wee snowman is so round and huggable-looking. He would look sweet nestled in the branches of your tree or on a windowsill.

Unicorn Crochet Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet – Free Pattern

Ragdoll unicorn crochet pattern

Well, if you can’t be whimsical at Christmas, when can you be? Bonus – pull this wee crochet unicorn from the tree and present to any surprise little guests that come calling.


That’s it for crochet + knitted Christmas ornaments, phew! If you want to keep looking at patterns, check out a few of my pattern round-ups, like this one for foxes, or how about this massive post on 50 crochet blanket patterns? Feeling like this is a bit much? We’ve all been there. Here’s my post on Christmas knitting stress.

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If you do decide to make one of these crochet + knitted Christmas ornaments, please leave a comment, or tag me on instagram! I’d love to see them.

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