Amigurumi is the art of crocheting or knitting toys. Like so many good things, it’s imported from Japan. Ami means crocheted or knitted, while nuigurumi means stuffed toy. Put them together, and you have amigurumi!

That’s the word. But what does it mean? Amigurumi tend to share some characteristics. They’re usually super-cute. Like, really, really cute. They tend to have oversized heads, and exaggerated features. On the technical side, they’re mostly crocheted in spirals (this avoids ‘jogs’ or seams), and tend to be made in bits and sewn up later.

That’s the word, and what it means. But why make amigurumi?

Let’s loop back to the beginning: they’re super-cute. That should be (almost!) enough reason for anyone. They can celebrate a fandom, make concrete an inside joke or favourite hobby, or they can simply be made for the joy of making. Playing with pretty colours, soft textures, to make a simple thing designed to bring joy. It’s wonderful.

What’s this website? has lots and lots of free Amigurumi patterns. But it’s more than that. The idea behind is you shouldn’t need a pattern. It’s easy to crochet a circle. Once you’ve done that, pop some eyes on and embroider a mouth to make an adorable character. The same theory applies to all crochet shapes.

If you can imagine it, you can make it.