Crocheted hexagons for a blanket

Crochet Faster When The Pressure’s On: 15 Tips

Sometimes you want to crochet. Sometimes you want to crochet faster.

I have to crochet a granny square blanket in a month. This is definitely a self-imposed deadline. I don’t have to do anything. But I want to crochet a granny blankie in a month.

And you know what? If I think I just might manage it.

Here’s my 15 tips for how to crochet a blanket more quickly:

Planning Your Project

  • Can you use thicker yarn? Or even thicker than that? In the past, I’ve crocheted ripple blankets holding together 3 strands of yarn. Maybe do that?
  • Don’t agonise for days over yarn choice. Get in, get your yarn, and get out. I used a pack from the Wool Warehouse. All the picking of colours was done for me! And I knew I’d end up with (approximately…) the right amount of yarn.

Crocheted hexagons for a blanket: how to crochet faster

  • When picking a pattern, keep it simple! I went with no patten at all, just simple granny hexes.
  • And don’t aim for a giant blanket! Keep things lap-sized if you’re worried about time.

Techniques for Quicker Crochet

  • Remember: larger motifs now mean less joining later.

Crocheted blanket hexagons and a cat


  • Definitely weave in ends as you go.

  • Explore join-as-you-go techniques to cut down on finishing time.
  • Be methodical. It won’t make you crochet faster, but it will give you lots of little deadlines (I’ve crocheted all the blue!) which can be motivating.
  • Know where you’re at. I’ve crocheted 42/182 planned motifs. I’m 23% done! (Plus joining and edging…) Try and be realistic about how long the blanket will take… and readjust if you’re running short on time.
  • Don’t forget to factor in joining and edging time.

  • Crochet all the time. Cafes, bars, in your lunch break at work… Take a minibreak by train, or try and organise a road trip where you can’t possibly drive. (I’ve managed to do the last one! Success!)

    crocheting in public


  • Take care of yourself. Take regular breaks, and if you’re going to be working for a while, support your wrists to take some of the strain. RSI is not to be messed with!
  • Crochet every day. Half a motif may not seem like much, but they add up fast.

Crochet Faster

Or: “Practise, practise, practise!” Just like every technique, speed can be learned. Set yourself a goal of speeding up your stitches.

Forget about it

It’s only a crocheted blanket! Sure, it’s to celebrate a life-milestone, but I’m not giving my friend a kidney. If I miss my deadline, we’ll both go on breathing.

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