Knitted Merino slippers thrummed with BFL

Thrumming Slippers – Plus Knitting and Crochet Patterns!

I knit a pair of slippers for my sister’s Christmas present. Cute, right?

Knitted Merino slippers thrummed with BFL

But wait until you turn them inside out… 

Knitted Merino slippers thrummed with BFL

They’re thrummed! The little white stitches you can see on the outside are actually twists of wool roving. That makes the slippers extra snuggly and warm.

I used this pattern to make these slippers. They’re knit flat, so it’s a good one to practise thrumming on! I made a few adjustments as I went, winging the stitch count as I was using sock yarn held triple instead of the recommended yarn. It’s not a colour I like at all, so this was a bit of a destash project, but it’s fine for slippers and should be wear fairly well.

Now I want to thrum evvvvverything! Here’s some of the thrumming patterns I’ve been drooling over, in both knit and crochet…

Thrummed Patterns Roundup

Knitted Snowflake Thrum Mitts for a Toddler

Thrummed mittens for a toddler

How CUTE are these baby mitts? I bet they’d be easy to size up too, with a thicker yarn. Don’t forget to add a thumb for adult mittens! Or…

Knit these thrummed mittens

Adult thrummed mittens

How snug do these look? Plus I love the little dots of colour from the thrums.

Crochet thrummed mittens

Crochet thrummed mittens

Yes you CAN crochet thrums! This pattern looks super cozy.

Crochet Thrummed Slippers

Crochet thrummed slippers

Once you’ve worn thrummed slippers, you’ll never go back! This pair of crocheted slippers is packed with thrums to keep your feetsies warm toastie.

Thrummed Hat with Earflaps

Knitted earflap hat with thrums

This thrummed earflap hat is perfect for those really cold climates.

Thrummed Hat

Thrummed beanie hat

If you need a hat with all-over thrums, check out this beanie pattern. Unlike some other thrummed hat patterns I’ve seen, it’s not too bulky.

Thrummed Muff

Thrummed muff

Are mittens or gloves not cosy enough for you? You need to invest in a muff! This tube of knitted fabric is stuffed with cozy thrums. That’ll keep anyone’s fingers warm!

Thrummed Outer Vest

Thrummed collar detail vest

This vest uses thrums differently: they’re decorative as well as warm! If I were knitting this professional-looking vest, I’d be tempted to increate the button band to prevent any breezes sneaking through.

Thrummed Tea Cozy

Why should you have all the thrum? Whip up this thrummed tea cozy, and your tea will stay piping hot for longer than you’ll believe!

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