An almost-complete Persian Tiles crochet blanket

Persian Tiles Blanket – Progress!

I’m back from holiday, and so is my Persian Tiles blanket! If you missed my last post, I picked out a complex pattern I’d wanted to make for a long time, in the hope that three solid weeks of crochet would mean I got a lot done. And I did.

Some of the Persian Tiles crochet blanket yarn

The pattern is Persian Tiles blanket by Jane Crowfoot… and oh my goodness, I just love it. You can see why it made the list of 50 of the best granny square blankets!

It’s a long flight from Switzerland (where I live) to New Zealand (where my husband and I are from) and I crocheted the whole way. Every minute I wasn’t sleeping or eating, I was crocheting. Honestly, it was the best 27 hour flight(s) I’ve ever suffered through. Spending that long in economy class is never pleasant, but being engaged with a project the whole way really helped! Honestly, I was a little disappointed when our final flight landed, because I wanted to squeeze in one more row (that feeling dissipated in seconds, let me tell you).

What did we do in New Zealand? Let me show you.

The Corormandal… and crochet.

Leaving the Coromandal, New Zealand, and heading towards Raglan Little white boats on a blue harbour in the Coromandal, New Zealand Empty white beach in the Coromandal, New Zealand Crocheting in a hammock! Persian Tiles blanket motifs

Christmas in Raglan… and crochet. (I didn’t bother with knitted gifts this year! Selfish crochet only).

Four Persian tiles crochet motifs in progress
A life preserver which says Raglan FishFour almost-complete Persian tiles blanket motifs
Looking out towards the ocean in Raglan, New Zealand 12 Persian Tiles blanket motifs in progress

New Year’s in Auckland… and crochet.

A view of Auckland city from the harbour bridge A selfie of me and a cat 12 Persian Tiles blanket motifs in progress

9 complete Persian Tiles crochet blanket motifs

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary… and crochet.

A relaxing green deck in New Zealand

An almost-complete Persian Tiles crochet blanketThe sky tower in Auckland, New Zealand, at night

All the motifs on a Persian Tiles crochet blanket.

On our last day, I wove in the last ends. Done! I didn’t think joining on the plane would be a good idea, so I bundled it all into a suitcase.

I took an extra day off to recover from jetlag, and spent it watching TV and joining everything up. As of today, all the pieces are joined, and I have begun working the boarder. I still have a lot of ends – I wasn’t very disciplined as I joined the pieces.

The Persian Tiles crochet blanket all joined up!

Joining the Persian Tiles crochet blanket

I’d recommend the Persian Tiles blanket pattern to anyone – it’s just so lovely. And the concept as well. It was relatively portable, and very entertaining to make, while not being too complex to do when chatting (or drinking!).

That’s my number one holiday crochet tip – choose a relatively easy pattern and keep it with you at all times. You’re bound to get a lot done!

Now all the pieces are joined and I’m on to the boarder, I’ve run out of steam on this project a little, but I guess that might be to be expected? I’ll try and make it my “TV project” where as before it was my all-the-time project. As always, you can see what I’m doing on instagram!

What do you think?

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