High fashion crochet in Paris.

High Fashion Crochet

Crochet is hot right now.

High fashion crochet in Paris.

E Online posted this piece on a crocheted jacket:

Did Gigi Hadid just start the next big sweater trend? All signs point to yes.

In Paris yesterday, she stepped out in this epic crocheted Rosetta Getty duster. It’s just the thing to keep you warm while still looking Fashion Week-ready. The leather leggings, fur clutch and rounded aviators add major cool factor to the outfit while the nude pumps nod to a more feminine side. It’s a timeless piece that will keep lending itself to you for seasons to come.

“For seasons to come”! Get your hooks out, let’s all wear amazing granny square jumpers!

There’s no such thing as a crochet machine, like there is a knitting machine, so all the crocheted pieces you see on the runway are made by hand. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re looking for cut-rate crochet jackets: the easiest way to get one might be to make one yourself.

Which, looking at the picture above, wouldn’t be that hard. The individual motifs are “granny squares”, one of crochet’s simplest building blocks. They’re edged with a high-contrast yarn to give it a pop, but I think this jacket would be really wearable in a more neutral colour palette.

Short Sleeved Crochet Jacket

The suggested Kid Mohair yarn would give this jacked a gentle halo, softening the colour transitions. It would be easy to swap out the spring-time colours palette for something a little more high-fashion, and to lengthen the sleeves.

Granny square jacket to crochet

Crocheted Jacket with Hood

High fashion jacket to crochet

Omit the hood and add a pair of sunglasses, and you too could be a model! This jacket uses granny squares on the outside of the arms only, which I think is smart – the fabric will have a lot more drape, and plus it will be faster to work up.

Granny Square Motif Cardigan

Can’t quite commit? This cardigan uses Granny Squares as a detail, which allows for more shaping,and a better fabric drape.

Granny square cardigan to crochet, as seen in E Online

Two wearable crocheted shrugs

If you don’t want to go “full granny”, then these crocheted granny shrugs might be the answer. They use the same “granny” technique (shells of double crochet in a chain space), but are shaped differently, for better drape. You can think of these shrugs as each being a giant granny square.

Noro Granny Square JacketGranny Square jacket

The colourful jacket is crocheted out of Noro, a Japanese yarn noted for its long colour runs, and wacky colour palettes. It would be easy to just change the yarn every round, and get a similar effect. The second jacket is even simpler. Be sure to click through to the project pages – I love this jacket in simple charcoal or black!

All images remain the copyright of the artists. Click through for more images.

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