Joining crochet granny squares

Patchwork Crochet Granny Blanket – Progress Report

I said I was going to make a patchwork crochet granny blanket in just six weeks.

I think I’m going to do it.

I don’t think I can do it.

It’s coming together (quite literally, I’ve started joining). And that’s the problem.

Joining crochet granny blanket hexagons


The infinite possibilities of a crochet granny blanket

How many possibilities are in a ball of yarn? When you have yarn and a hook, you can have literally anything in the world.

Once you settle on a motif (no easy task!), your possibilities narrow to about a hundred. How many motifs should you make? What combination of colours?

Once all the motifs are worked up (uh, not all of mine are…), and you start joining, the possibilities narrow to just a dozen: should I add this motif here, or this other one over here…?

And, the more you join, the fewer choices you have, as the size of the blanket is decided, you become adept at working the joining stitch…

I find it rather deflating after all that work – and especially knowing there are still ends to weave in!

A patchwork granny crochet blanket

The key is to trust the process, and to trust yourself. I know these colours look great together. I know the motifs are well-formed. I’m happy with the joining. I just have to keep going and power through this little crochet slump.

It helps that it’s a gift: if this crochet granny blanket was for myself, I might shove it under the bed in disgust. But because it’s for a gift, and I’m on a deadline, I’m inspired to keep going.

This isn’t my first crocheted blanket. From experience, I know that if I continue until it’s the size of a blanket – any blanket – a baby blanket, a lapghan – instead of just a narrow strip, I’ll fall in love with it again.

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