It's Christmas, and I have not knit these mittens.

Knits for Christmas

Phew – December 21 and all my Christmas knitting is done, done, done!

To be fair – I know a lot of people are still finishing… or still starting – I started way back in October, and there’s a lot I didn’t do.

Here’s what I haven’t made this Christmas.

Mittens for my niece. 

Rainbow toddler mittens

These ones would have been an excuse to buy some noru (like I need one), or let’s face it, she’d rather have some Olaf mitts.

Crocheted Olaf mittens for a toddler

Slippers for my sister-in-law. 

Thrummed slippers

To be fair, she is getting a Darth Vader amigurumi. But my sister’s getting these slippers, and it would have been nice to hand over matching gifts. No matter! Her birthday’s coming up.

Socks for my boyfriend

That man loves a good pair of hand knit socks. He reclaimed all my ill-fitting first attempts I was going to bin, and wears them in high rotation. He got a pair of socks for our anniversary, but he’s not getting a pair for Christmas.

He loves cables, so he would have liked a pair of these:

Cabled mens socks

And lately he’s been making noises about brightly coloured socks. These might be a good gateway:

Striped men's socks.

And the unusual construction would keep things interesting for me as well.

Too bad he’s getting neither!

Did you knit or crochet this Christmas? What didn’t you make?

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