View of the fluffy pompom on my handknit beanie

Cable knit beanie with fur pompom (+ the free knitting pattern I used)

For the longest time, I’ve wanted a chunky cable knit beanie topped with a big faux fur pompom.

I stared at other women’s densely cabled heads. Cosy! Autumnal! Hygge!

Last year, determined to make my cosy-head dreams come true, I bought a pompom and yarn and knit a hat… that was far too small. I wove in the ends and tried it on – or rather, tried to try it on, because it didn’t fit, not even a little bit. I’m am cursed with an enormous head – I wear a men’s size large bike helmet – but knit hats generally fit me.

Popping it off, I threw it at my sister-in-law’s normal-sized head. “Hey, free hat,” she said, catching it and tucking it in her pocket in case I changed my mind.

But I hadn’t given away the pompom, so I had to try again, didn’t I? Even though I’m not exactly short on hats.

The pattern I chose for round two is Winter Femme. It’s a free knitting pattern, and I really recommend it because it’s easy and looks so cute! This is actually the second time – or maybe third? – I’ve knit this pattern, so it flew along. Don’t bother hunting through my Ravelry projects – I didn’t bother recording it. Oh well. 

Not sure if this is the knitting pattern for you? I rounded up some suggestions for other cabled beanies here. 

I made the ribbing extra long so I could double it over for warmer ears.

cable knit beanie with deep brim

The yarn is Alta Moda Cashmere which I’m not sure is the best choice for the cables because it’s chain-piled. Do the cables seem a little muted? But it’s lovely and soft.

Posing in my grey cable knit beanie

Isn’t the pompom lush? I mean, it’s a bit silly,  but who cares? It’s cozy!

View of the fluffy pompom on my handknit beanie


Here I am pretending to be a fashion blogger. I’m in beautiful Parc des Bastions, by the way. We often pass through on our usual coffee shop and record store loop to catch a few Pokemon. Unrelated, I’ve given up protesting that I’m not a hipster.

Styling a cable knit beanie

Shall I give sources?

// Wrinkled jacket-cape: John Lewis  // Jeans : John Lewis  // Lipstick: Sephora own-brand  // Cable knit beanie: models own. 

Hah! I don’t think I’m cut out to be a fashion blogger. I’d better stick to my knitting, as the saying goes. Here’s the only source we need here: Ravelry project.

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    • Andrea
    • January 25, 2020

    I would really really love the pattern for this hat! It looks perfect but I can’t find it anywhere!! Help!!

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