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Knit a brain hat for science march

A One-of-a-Kind Knit Brain Hat for the Science March

Hey brainiacs, show the world you're proud of your smarts with a handmade knit brain hat for the science march. The pattern was designed for the Science March. Because, after all, we had Pussy Hats for the Women's March, so what better than a brain hat for the science march?…
Kind of loose ears on my knitted cat socks

Knitting Kitty Socks – WIP Wednesday

This week I've been knitting kitty socks. This WIP traveled with me to Prague. We had a wonderful trip, with not much time for knitting. Yes, you can knit on planes, but I was too absorbed in the book I was reading to pay much attention - I mucked up the…
Some of WOOLN's offerings

Hipster Fashion, Knit By Grandma – Fashion Friday

WOOLN is embracing the handmade look with items knit by grandmas. The "knit by grandma" thing seems a little gimmicky (do they really only accept female knitters? With grandbabies? Doesn't look like it.) but the designs are lovely and cozy. Plus, their wools are lush - alpaca + cashmere, yes…
Baby boom bear beanie stuffed and standing up

The Fastest Baby Knit in the West

It's official. Everyone I know is having a baby. This time it's an old colleague of my husband and I. We all worked together in New Zealand; he moved home to Prague, and while my husband kept in sporadic touch, I didn't. When we booked tickets for a weekend in Prague, we shot the…
A striped child's sweater before wet blocking acrylic yarn - blocking makes a huge difference even to acrylics.

A Sweater in a Week and Why Blocking Acrylic is a Great Idea

I did it - the little colourblock sweater for my niece was completed in a week! But with yarn, nothing's really done until it's blocked. And sometimes that means (gasp) blocking acrylic. Lets talk about the sweater first, then I want to get into blocking acrylic. I'm not an especially…
oversized alphabet sweater

High Fashion Knitwear (To Make Yourself!)

Confession time: I don't really follow the world of high fashion knitwear, or high fashion anything else really. But I did can get behind the trend of "mega jumpers". Here's why: Oversized clothes are about shielding the body and creating an exterior shield to reshape the body from the outside…
A colourful half-finished Raglan striped sweater, surrounded by balls of yarn.

Colourplay Striped Raglan Sweater – WIP

It's only half done, but I love the colourplay on this little striped raglan sweater. This sweater-in-progress is for my niece. After I used up all my blue stash on a too-small jumper, she will just have to wear stripes this season. Forget any fashion implications - she's four! She'll love it.…
50 Crochet blanket patterns

50 of the Best Granny Square Blanket Patterns

It's no secret I love granny square blanket patterns. I want to create a new "granny blankie" this year (and finally finish this work in progress...) so I have been drooling over granny square blanket patterns for months. Here's a whopping fifty (five-zero!) of the best granny square blanket patterns for…
crochet granny square nail art

Crocheted Granny Square Nail Art: Fashion Friday

I'm not usually one for long nails, but I am here for this granny square nail art. Oh yes. Those are real granny squares, crocheted in tiny cotton and glued to each nail. Get the look with a 0.5mm hook, or you can buy a set here.


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