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Opal Sock Yarn in Starry Night

Starry Night Socks for Valentine’s Day

One of the supreme advantages of loving a knitter is the handknit socks. Or so I like to tell myself. Once again, my husband got socks for Valentine's Day. He gets a new pair of socks each Christmas as well, and if he takes me to a yarn store, I…
Yarn Love Challenge on Instagram

Yarn Love Challenge

Are you playing along with the Yarn Love Challenge on Instagram? It's simple: each day in Feburary, you post a photo on the day's theme, and tag it. It's such a fun way to get some yarn-y love (and you know how much I love instagram!). I started late, so…
Wearing a lace wedding shawl

Amazing Lace Part 2: My Knitted Wedding Shawl

Like a sweater, or a pair of socks, a Really Fancy Knitted Wedding Shawl is a Knitting Achievement. Like passing a boss level in a video game. I nearly didn't knit it. I thought, "Heck, it's a lot of bother for something to only be worn once. What if I knit a…

Knitting With Traditional Lettlopi Yarn

Knitting with lettlopi yarn is a completely different experience! I know I was nervous before ordering my first batch of the traditional Icelandic wool, so as I work on my second lopi sweater, I thought I'd write up a quick review.* Lopi is made from Icelandic sheep wool. At this point,…
crochet or knit for charity

Crochet or Knit Something Amazing for these 14 Charities

Ever wanted to crochet or knit for charity? It's something that's often crossed my mind, but I've never taken the next step... I know that often charities need money more than they need goods, and to be honest, I was afraid that my work wasn't good enough. But after seeing…
Crocheted amigurumi fish pattern

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Fish Amigurumi – Free Pattern!

One thing I love about amigurumi is how fast it is to work. You can sit down with a hook and a bit of string, and in no time at all, have a cute little creature, like this fish amigurumi! Confession time: I've never made anything so small before, but now…
Grettir men's lopi sweater patterns

My Favourite Men’s Lopi Sweater Patterns

Even if you're not planning to knit one, men's lopi sweater patterns make for some nice viewing. Handsome knitwear models wearing traditional Icelandic designs and looking cozy? Yes please, I need that in my life.  I haven't knit Jesse a jumper before because of the boyfriend sweater superstition. I do believe…
pussyhat project in the round modification

The Pussyhat Project (and in-the-round pattern variation!)

Scroll down for in-the-round pattern variation of the original Pussyhat Project hat at the end of this blog post!  The Pussyhat Project is knitting matched with activism. Knitters, crocheters and sewers have been invited to make a pink hat for the Women's March. I love that - "The more we are seen,…
Giving Knitted and Crocheted gifts to babies is always worth it.

Giving Knitted and Crocheted Gifts: Is It Worth It?

I know a lot of people don't believe in giving knitted and crocheted gifts, and I get that. I really do. Especially just after Christmas. Giving knitted and crocheted gifts is hard. Hard, hard, hard. It's time consuming, it can be expensive, and people can be weird about getting handmade…


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